Product Reviews

So why all the hype about these two vitamins? The hype is THEY WORK!  A lot of people want longer, thicker hair and just can’t get it fast enough.  Take a good look at the ingredients in both of these bottles and you will see that both Hairfinity and Mane Choice contain the active ingredient: MSM which is known for its role in hair growth.
Our hair has three growth cycles: growing, resting, and shedding. Since the growth phase is genetically determined, there is no way this will change unless you use a supplement containing MSM. Go to IG and FB to see before and after photos to make your choice.
My experience with the Hairfinity and Mane Choice vitamins: I took 7 months of Hairfinity and experienced average growth. I took 8 months of  Manechoice vitamins, I experienced more growth than average and my hair is growing in so much fuller.