Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Straighten Natural Hair

To all the Naturalistas that are not familiar with the Natural Styling Guide DVD, we are showing you one of the styles for free. Enjoy

If you can not view video, click on you tube link below

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Natural Styling Guide DVD

We created this DVD so women around the world could embrace their natural tresses and feel comfortable no matter the hair texture. Ladies, that want to transition, you can acheive smooth, silky, sexy styles without chemicals. There's no such thing as bad hair, just bad hair care!

Natural Hair Day, Evening, and Vacation

Naturalistas, wearing your hair natural gives you so many options. I have worn my hair natural for nine years now and i Love it! Here are just a couple of the styles that i enjoy. Natural hair has so much personality!
This is a night out at a Runway Fashion show.

An evening Holiday Party!
Just wanted to show a picture of the mohawk
Having fun with my fro.
A Wedding updo

Natural Styling Guide Photo shoot

"Curls in Caicos" This is a style i wore while on vacation. Fun and easy to maintain!